Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pairing Wine and Dress Shirts Lets You Proudly Untuck

riccobonoFor those of you who worry about things like this, a fashion designer has now created dress shirts especially designed to go with wine. Wine and fashion are often times two extremely intimidating subjects for most men – and not always the manliest. Chris Riccobono is believes guys can conquer them both comfortably, without sacrificing their manhood.

Chris is a video blogger with a casual approach. He uses his site to introduce different wines and his love for vino. Now, he’s trying his hand at fashion with UNTUCKit, a new line of dress shirts specifically designed to be worn untucked.

Each UNTUCKit style is named after a region of wine. You can choose from the casual plaid of the Paso Robles or the classic crispness of the Russian River.
Prices range from $79 to $129, so don’t wear this shirt when you are sipping Barefoot wine!

For more information on UNTUCKit, please visit

If you have any suggestions for clothing and wine pairings, use the comment button below and let us know. I’d like to know what hat I should wear when drinking Gerwurztraminer.

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