Friday, July 2, 2010

Economic Impact of Ohio Wineries Tops Half Billion

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If you are like many state residents, you might think of Ohio wineries as a great weekend getaway and quaint business. But a recent report issued by the Ohio Grape Industries Program conducted via the nationally respected MKF research firm shows that the Ohio wine industry makes an immense impact on the state economy.

According to the report, Ohio wineries:
* Are responsible for more than 4,100 full-time equivalent jobs.
* Produce more than 1.1 million gallons of wine annually.
* Welcome more than 2.1 million wine related tourists annually.
* Contribute more than $62 million in state, local and federal taxes.
* Have a full economic impact of $582.8 million.

According to Donniella Winchell, executive director of the Ohio Wine Producers Association, jobs in the wine industry are high quality “green” jobs.

Next time you enjoy a glass of your favorite Ohio wine you helping us all take a step toward economic recovery!

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