APWASI Wine Courses

Interested in world-class wine certification courses at truly affordable pricing? Read on...

It all started with an article. I was contacted by the Asia Pacific Wine and Spirit Institute and was asked whether I'd like to take one of their courses and write a story. The invitation was accepted and I took the APWASI certification course and test on Argentina. My wife and I have a trip planned to Argentina.

APWASI offers affordable certified online wine courses and wine education for everyone from wine enthusiasts to sommeliers as well as those looking for careers in the wine and spirit industry. The organization was established in 2015 by a group of wine and spirit educators, with the intention of satisfying the growing interest and need in Asia. Those involved in its creation range from wine-makers, biochemists, nutritionists, Masters of Wine, Sommeliers, distributors, wine, and spirit retail companies, highly respected wine professionals, professors, and university academics and enthusiasts. Today courses are offered in 23 different languages.

I found the courses to be unique in both the content and learning methodology. Lessons are presented in "bite-size" portions and are presented totally online, allowing you to fit this learning into your busy schedule. Videos augment the written lessons giving you a broad picture of the country/topic being covered. The content covers more than just the wine for a particular country, exploring the culture and cuisine.

You can read my article here. In short, I was delighted with the program and became engaged with the organization through social media, communications, and a series of Zoom wine chats with APWASI Executive Director Dr. Clinton Lee. I was honored to be selected as an APWASI Ambassador. In this role, I share information about the organization and am also able to offer a special discount on the courses.

There are courses for those with a general interest in wine, 13 country-specific wine courses, and courses on luxury and spirits topics like whiskey, cigars, ice wine, and caviar. You can see the full listing here.

To order a course, please use this link. The courses provide a world-class education at reasonable prices. Please email me at publish@vino-sphere.com if you have any questions.