Monday, July 19, 2010

Viking Vineyards Chambourcin Ohio NV

satek 164An evening cook-out featuring vegetable and shrimp shish kabobs was the perfect opportunity to introduce my brother Tom and his wife Helen to some fine Ohio wine.

Tom and Helen were driving west to go to the String Cheese Incident concerts at Red Rocks in Colorado and our house made a convenient stop-off location. They’ll make another pit stop on the way back and provide full details of the concerts.

The wine selection was a Viking Vineyard Chambourcin. This Chambourcin is deep red in color with a great bouquet of red fruit. It is smooth with little tannins and refreshing dark notes of black cherry and raspberry. This is a dry and enjoyable wine that is delicate enough to pair well with the shrimp and vegetables (including some great sweet corn from upstate New York).

Viking Vineyards, located near Kent,  is a fun wine destination with great wines and a full schedule of entertainment and activities. The grounds are also excellent for savoring wine by the lake. Here is a link to our last trip there. We’ll have to go there soon since we’re out of Viking wine!
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