Friday, March 25, 2011

90+ Cellars Lot 8 Garnacha 2007 Crianza

This is a Spanish wine from Carinena, Spain. It was purchased from Winery Insider which offered a special deal on mixed case party wines. The Ace of Bass and I split up the case randomly and he got the Garnacha (known as Grenache in other parts of the world).

The wine made a welcome return appearance at my house during a recent party.
’m a big Grenache (and Garnacha) fan and Spain produces some vibrant wines and sterling values. 90+ Cellars, located in Boston, aims to source wines from around the world that are worthy of a 90+ rating and offer them at a very affordable price. This wine, produced in a limited quantity of 2,200 cases, retailed for $12. This offering was very popular as it is now sold out.

Carinena is a region of Spain with a wine-making history that dates back to Roman times. The wine is aged in French Oak for six months which earns it the “Crianza” label.
Grenache is often unoaked and has a soft feel and fruitiness. This Garnacha had a nice flavor of forest fruit, a bit of chocolate, nuts and a spicy finish. This wine was surprisingly good.

Chalk up a win for Garnacha and make a note to check out the great deals from 90+ Cellars. I’ve got an 90+ Cellars Australian Zinfandel that is just begging to be opened!
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