Thursday, September 22, 2011

Finger Lakes Riesling Vintage 2010 Ready For Launch

Map of the Finger Lakes region of New York State.
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The climate of the Finger Lakes region of New York can be extreme and unpredictable. Sweltering hot summers and cold, frigid winters can be difficult to manage for some, but growers there have embraced their unique terroir which also boasts superb growing circumstances with Lake Ontario to the north, deep lake microclimates and well drained slopes facing east and west. Many consider it America’s best cool climate region lending to especially aromatic white wines.

The region is celebrating the release of the 2010 vintage Rieslings with a series of special events including the Riesling Hour 6:00 to 9:00 PM tonight (Thursday, September 22). Wine lovers will be participating at retail stores, wineries, restaurants and virtual tasting events. The TWAV team will be participating in the virtual tasting and tweeting our comments and posting them to Facebook.

The celebration is certainly understandable. Riesling is king in the Finger Lakes with more than 100,000 cases of Riesling produced annually. There are more than 100 wineries in the Finger Lakes and the average producer makes two to three styles of Riesling each year. Most Finger Lakes Rieslings reflect a strong sense of place and a unique personality.

The 11 roughly parallel Finger Lakes are among the deepest in North America at 450 to 600 feet deep. The unique geography was scraped by glaciers two miles thick. 10,000 years later some of the best Riesling in the world is produced here.

The Finger Lakes area is our favorite for winetasting. It is scenic, unspoiled and mostly uncrowded. The wine is not only outstanding, it is offered at crazy-good prices. Our favorite wine is Dry Riesling, so we’re looking forward to the Riesling Hour tasting and sharing the delicious results.

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