Saturday, September 24, 2011

Toledo Wines and Vines: Random Thoughts on Celebrating Our Second Anniversary

On September 13, 2009, Toledo Wines and Vines launched the blog with its first post. Our vision was to be a "go-to" resource for wine lovers in the Toledo area who want to know about tastings, events, locally available wine and to share comments as well. It is 687 posts later and I hope we are making progress in achieving that goal.
I recall putting the blog together and making that first post – and then sitting back and hoping someone would click on us to take a look! We now have had more than 28,000 visitors and 62,000 or so page views. I think we provide a good service for our readers as well as the local wine shops, regional wineries and charities putting on benefit events.
Two years is no small achievement in the blogosphere, which is littered by hundreds (maybe thousands) of abandoned blogs – started and jettisoned when the publisher discovered it was a lot of work. Unlike many blogs, we try to post regularly. I’m a former newspaper editor, so I’m used to publishing on deadline. We publish new content here six times per week. We don’t publish on Sunday.
During the couple years we’ve had fun attending local wine tastings and events as well as traveling to wineries in Washington State, Colorado, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Ontario and Virginia.
A special thanks goes to our tasting team which includes, first and foremost, my wife the “Green Dragon.” Other members include Sax Man and Wine Chick, Ace of Bass and Glorious T and Josh and Casey. (Hopefully by the time you read this, Josh will get a proper TWAV wine blogging nickname.) Glorious T runs the Facebook page and all members contribute posts and help evaluate the wine.
We also want to thank readers, whether you are returning regulars or just passing through. Without readers a blog is like a tree (or grapevine) falling in the forest without anyone there. Your emails and comments on posts are always welcome.
My lunch hour is almost done, so as a parting gift, check out some of these “best of TWAV” posts from the past.
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