Thursday, March 7, 2013

Report Shows Diners’ Wine Preference Varies With Price Point of Restaurant

Think those new tablet wine lists are cool? Not only can they help you select just the right wine, but they are also providing information that helps analyze the behavior of wine lovers.
Tastevin, a new tablet wine list, is now providing a broad spectrum of information about on-premise wine sales to restaurants across the nation. A recent analysis of more than 750,000 restaurant wine purchases shows remarkable differences in consumer behavior based on average entrée price on the menu. The research shows that by-the-glass wine sales are booming, and that diners are drinking different kinds of wines depending on the price point of the restaurant.
"We broke the data into three groups, based on entrée price," says the co‐founder and CEO of Labrador OmniMedia, Josh Hermsmeyer. "And we found some significant differences in consumer behavior based on those differences.”
Diners at lower priced restaurants (entrées between $10 and $30) preferred red wines, with the top wines being blends, Cabernet, and Pinot Noir; but Malbec and Prosecco were also important here. Sixty-nine percent of all wine sales in these restaurants were by the glass.
In contrast, at medium priced restaurants (entrées between $31 and $60), Chardonnay emerged as the top varietal wine by the glass, while Cabernet led in sales by the bottle. But fully 80% of the wines sold in this segment were by the glass. "It's astonishing how important these by-the-glass programs have become," says Hermsmeyer.
In restaurants where the entrée price was over $60, the largest segment was sparkling wines, followed by Chardonnay. Even in these restaurants, 66% of wine sales were by the glass.
"This opens a new window on wine sales on-premise in America," says Janeen Olsen, wine marketing professor at Sonoma State University, and co-author of Wine Marketing and Sales. "This is exactly the kind of information wineries and restaurants need to make smart marketing and sales decisions in the future."
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