Friday, August 27, 2010

Cleavage Creek 2007 Tracy Hills Merlot-Shiraz

Bookmark and Share  Cottony white clouds were wafting across a blue sky. It was a perfect summer evening and we soon had a steak grilling on the patio. With a little Cuban jazz in the background we only lacked one ingredient -- a nice wine. After a quick trip downstairs I returned with a Cleavage Creek 2007 Tracy Hills Merlot-Shiraz.

First, let's deal with your skepticism. I avoided buying from this winery on an online auction because I thought the name was a half-baked marketing scheme. I was half right. It is marketing -- but with a great cause, raising money for breast cancer research. The women pictured on the labels are all breast cancer survivors. Ten percent of gross wine sales are donated to fund breast cancer research and support.

The wines are also very tasty.This blend is 67% Syrah and 33% Merlot. It has a silky finish with raspberry and blackberry flavor notes. It is aged in oak, but we found it very smooth -- in fact a little light in body for our steak.

As we were enjoying the great evening and the smooth wine in the backyard, sirens and flashing lights on the next street over caught our attention. We could never quite figure out what happened -- but it involved a lot of milling about and comings and goings of emergency vehicles. It appeared everyone was alright and we resumed savoring the wine.

This is an enjoyable bottle and a great value at only $18. I've also noticed that Cleavage Creek has some great case sales going on.
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