Saturday, August 28, 2010

Wrongo Dongo Spanish Monastrell

Bookmark and Share  Wrongo Dongo. The name alone caught our attention when Mike Gregg opened this bottle as a bonus for the TWAV team at the recent Cork's tasting - well, that and the 15% alcohol content. Knowing that Glorious T loves spicy, peppery blends, Mike thought she would get a big kick out of this Spanish Monastrell. It comes from the Jumilla region - sounds tropical and adds to the intrigue.

We loved the dark violet color, the evident legs, and the spicy aroma. Robust without being acidic, and with well balanced tannins, the Wrongo Dongo was a big hit and so was the price tag - just around $12. (Keep your eyes open as this wine can be found for even less when it is on sale.) This is an interesting, flavorful choice and a must for those looking to expand their varietal horizons. It is bursting with rich fruit flavors and exotic spices. If nothing else, pick up a bottle just to have on display. If loving this wine is wrongo, I don't want to be right.

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Unknown said...

Actually Dave, it's $8.99!