Friday, September 25, 2009

Cuvaison Chardonnay Napa 2007

I had the opportunity to try this Chardonnay while on a trip to Chicago. Our meal was at Carlucci in Rosemont near O'Hare Airport. Carlucci is a great Italian restaurant and is considered to be one of the top restaurants in Chicago (at least in the top 50). It features "handmade pastas and robust wines."

The wine list's lowest entry is $35 for a Wolf Blass Yellow Label Cabernet from Australia and tops out with a $300 bottle of Tenuta San Guido Sassicaia (2001, Tuscany). For our group I picked this Chardonnay as well as a 2004 Super Tuscan (Prima Voce) and that will be covered in another post.

The Cuvaison Chardonnay is from their Carneros estate. Cuvaison  [koo∙veh∙ZOHN] is the French term for the period when grape juice is kept in contact with the skins and seeds during both fermentation and maceration. Critical in the making of red wines, cuvaison allows color, tannins, and aroma to be transferred from the skins and seeds to the juice.

This wine has an aroma of orange and citrus. The body is rich with a hint of minerality. It is a classic. Very tasty and recommended.

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