Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fulkerson Vincent 2007

We have visited the Fulkerson Winery in the Finger Lakes and really liked their wide selection of wines. They are known for their popular Red Zepplin everyday drinker. Red Zepplin is too sweet for our tastes, but we wanted to try Vincent, a red wine billed as "liquid velvet." This was on a shopping list for our neighbors who brought this bottle back from their recent trip to New York.
I had assumed Vincent was a blend, but it is actually a hybrid grape that was developed in Ontario at the Vineland Research Station in 1967. Vincent was developed to grow well in a cold climate and is the last variety to be harvested in the fall. Only two other wineries in the US produce this as a varietal.
This wine has a beautiful dark, deep purple color. The wine is smooth and rich from start to finish with tastes of black cherry and plum. The wine is aged in French and American oak. This bottle delighted our tasting guests. The price is amazing -- only $9.99. Pat suggested this would go well with a nice steak. Fulkerson also suggests pairing it with Italian food with thick, spicy red sauce. You can order this by mail. Fulkerson can ship to Michigan and Ohio. For other states, check their Web site.

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