Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Clean Slate Riesling

While the “balloon boy” drama was playing out on CNN, I happened to be in Denver at a meeting at the Hyatt Regency Tech Center. The meeting kicked off with a nice reception in the Centennial Room on the 12th floor. In fact, while getting ready for the reception I scanned the bright blue Colorado skies from the Centennial Room to see if I could spy the spinning silver “flying saucer” balloon as it zipped by. No luck there.
clean slate The reception, however, was a great success. It featured buffalo canapés, black bean hummus quesadillas, melted brie with apricot sauce and some other nice appetizers.

The wine of choice for the evening was a 2007  Clean Slate Riesling. I have had this German white wine in the past and have enjoyed it. The slate hills of the Mosel River valley give this wine its minerality. Its acidity means it is crisp and refreshing. The residual sugar is 2.8%, sweeter than a dry Riesling, but certainly not dripping with sweetness. The wine also has a nice lime tone.

With the lights of Denver spread out below and piano music wafting in the air, the Clean Slate was a great accompaniment to the evening. It pairs well with Asian dishes, spicy food, poultry, sushi and pork.

This wine is available widely and has a great QPR (quality-price ratio).
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