Saturday, October 24, 2009

Finger Lakes: Prejean Winery

FINGER LAKES REPORT --  Prejean Winery is one of the handful of must-visit wineries in the Finger Lakes. It doesn’t boast a spectacular winery building or tasting room, it simply offers some of the tastiest, complex 2004_0401Fingerlakes0086 and unique wines in this great wine region.

The building and tasting room have a rustic lodge feel and are small compared to some of the big bus stop wineries in the area. The tasting counters are packed in with the wine displays. In my mind, Prejean is especially noteworthy for two wines: their Dry Riesling and their Marechal Foch. A tip of the hat to our neighbors P & S for turning us on to this great winery.

First out of the chute was the 2007 Dry Riesling. Yes, this was very nice with crispness, minerality and flavors of tropical fruit. This goes well with salmon.

The 2007 Pinot Gris was just OK. It had definite citrus and melon flavor notes, but just wasn’t half as interesting as the other pours we had.

One of our highlights was the 2006 Dry Gewürztraminer. It was very good with a floral, creamy taste and a rich body. It is barrel fermented and was a standout with a very reasonable price of $14.99. To make the deal even more reasonable, you can apply your $2 tasting fee toward the cost of your purchase. They were also offering a three for two promotion and we had a $5 coupon from a recent purchase. In short, it seemed like they were paying us to buy this outstanding wine!

Our tasting just kept getting better. Next was the Marechal Foch. Glorious T proclaimed that it has “bouquet blasts” and a taste of dark chocolate M&Ms. Chocolate and cherry aromas blended with berry flavors and a taste of smokiness. Marechal Foch (named after a French general in World War I) is a grape variety that is uncommon in most places, but a frequently used in the Finger Lakes. And talk about value, a bottle only costs $10.99.

We rounded out with a very pleasant 2006 Merlot which offered a medley of black cherry and plum.
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Anonymous said...

Highly recommend a trip to the Finger Lakes - we discovered so many new (to us) varieties - Marechal Foch and Dry Gewurz - which have become favorites! -GT