Saturday, October 10, 2009

Karlbach Dornfelder Max 2003

This German red wine was sampled at the recent wine and cheese benefit event in Bowling Green. It is distributed by Bowling Green Beverage and I noticed a bottle recently while visiting Walt Churchill's Market in Maumee. Dornfelder Max is made from the Dornfelder grape, a popular grape variety in Germany. It has a traditional, fruity style.

Dornfelder is known for its deep, dark color and crisp, fresh fruit flavors. The grapes are grown on rich, loose soil and this helps to enhance the robust, fruity flavors of the Dornfelder Max.

When sampling, we were struck by the smoothness and the fruity flavor. Green Dragon said it had a very grapey taste, but quickly added that she liked it. The wine is fermented in stainless steel tanks and aged in 100-year old oak barrels. It lacks the earthy, tannic quality of a typical red. It is a nice smooth sipper with pleasant qualities, but little complexity. Retail price is $13.

The Lingenfelder family has been making wine in the Pfalz region of Germany for 13 generations and the red wines in in the Villa Karlbach line are aged in the house’s wine cellar. The wine village Grosskarlbach, where the Lingenfelder estate is located has been producing wine for over 1200 years and the wine tradition in the Pfalz region goes back even farther, to Roman times.
Enjoy it with a fresh baguette or piece of good cheese!

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