Thursday, November 19, 2009

Castel Grisch 2008 Johannesburg Riesling

There are some wines that are people pleasers, pure and simple. It doesn’t matter if someone prefers Cabernets or sweet wines or strictly dry whites. Some wines cross all the barriers, translate into any language and, well, they’re just plain good.

This Johannesburg Riesling from Castel Grisch in the Finger Lakes falls into this exclusive category. I first became acquainted with Castel Grisch during our winery visit last year. The winery had gotten rave reviews from our neighbors and ended up as a very enjoyable stop on our tour.

During our trip to the Finger Lakes last month we didn’t make it to Castel Grisch. This disappointed P&S, our neighbors. But luckily I had stashed a bottle. We cracked it open on Halloween before heading out on the town.

The Riesling grape can make a rainbow of wines – ranging from overly sweet ones to elegant dry Rieslings.

This Johannesburg Riesling strikes just the right note with many people because it is not over the top with sweetness yet is a breed apart from the Dry Rieslings (which I really love). The Dry Rieslings are crisp almost to0 the pint of being arid, while this wine from Castel Grisch has a refreshing sweetness that pleases many palettes, sophisticated or simple.

It has floral aroma and a pineapple citrus finish with a Spatelese-style crispness.  As with many Finger Lake wines, it is a great bargain at $14.99.
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