Friday, December 11, 2009

Suggested Links: A Wide Web of Wine

Have you noticed our assortment 0f links on the site? I cruise the ricardo martin Web frequently to check other blogs, scout wineries and compare tasting notes. Here are some links I think you’ll enjoy:

On Cellar Tracker you’ll find some great resources including info of wine pairings, aging of wine, cool background on wine barrels and wine bottle sizes. This last item gives you insight on those large format bottles. For example, do you know how many bottles of wine a Salmanazar is equivalent to? The answer is 12. Come to think of it, that would make a great Christmas present!

Another interesting site is Ampelography, a blog by Adam Mahler.  Adam is a wine broker in Toledo and has some thought provoking insights on wine and wine marketing. One article that grabbed my attention recently was Adam’s post, “Another Charity Wine Tasting. Woo hoo.” There are also some great links. Check out the ones to his portfolio of wineries.

Here’s one just for fun: the Silly Tasting Note Generator. Amused by the pompous wine reviews by aficionados? Now you can generate your own. Here’s a sample: “Rich and thick but equally attractive Chenin Blanc. Drops melon, musty citron and perceptible salted beef. Drink now through 2010.”

Here’s a shout-out to Austin Beeman. Austin is the wine manager at Walt Churchill’s Market in Maumee. Austin is now doing wine videos on Austin Beeman Online. Austin has two videos up, the first being “What is Wine?” His second installment is a live tasting of a Rioja Blanco. He also has some nice music podcasts.

Three region specific links I recommend are: Finger Lakes Wine Country, Ohio Wine Association and Michigan Wines. All these wineries are within driving distance of Toledo. You can check out wineries, special events, lodging and other great features. The Finger Lakes site has a great itinerary feature which allows you to click on a hotel, winery or event and save it to your itinerary. Great for creating a travel plan.

Wine Log is a great site where you can record your tasting notes on wine you try and share it with an online community. You can also browse tasting notes from others. More than 30,000 wines and 4,000 wineries are in the database.

I’ve got more links listed in the left column (scroll down). Give them a click and enjoy. We’ll add more as we discover them. If you have a favorite link, click on “comments” below and let us know.
Photo by Ricardo Martins
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Austin Beeman said...

Thanks for showing my 'Understanding Wine' video series some love on your blog. Part of what I do day to day as a wine retailer is help educate people about how to use wine to improve their lives. I hope that these videos will reach a wider audience with that message.
Thanks again

Dave Nershi, CSW said...

Austin -- Happy to help. We appreciate you sharing your knowledge of wine with us...