Thursday, February 25, 2010

C'mon Toledo, Liberate That Bottle: Open That Bottle Night is February 27

Somewhere in the recesses of your wine rack or refrigerator, there is a special bottle of wine, one that has been sequestered for just the perfect special occasion. As the years have gone by and the planets have failed to align, you've not made your first million in the stock market or been elected governor, that bottle has remain corked.

OTBN, Open That Bottle Night, was created to liberate just such a bottle. OTBN will be celebrated this year on Saturday, February 27. Open That Bottle Night was created by Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher, writers for the Wall Street Journal, in 2000. The goal is to provide the opportunity to open that bottle, be it white or red, expensive or not. OTBN is always the last Saturday of February and it is about time Toledo got on board.

OTBN can be celebrated simply or with a full fledged celebration, anywhere there is a unique bottle of wine. What really matters is the memories with the axiom being that wine is created to be enjoyed, not to remain bottled gathering dust.

In past years restaurants, wineries and wine shops have offered specials. How about it, Toledo? Vino 100, you've had quite a few special events lately, how about helping us celebrate OTBN? Aficionado and Walt Churchill's Market, you both have tastings on Saturday, can you offer a special? Andersons, Corks and Beer and Wine Cave, how about it? Helping with the celebration of this event deepens the appreciation of wine (and boosts sales as well).

A fun OTBN event can be easily assembled on your own simply by asking friends to bring a special bottle of wine for a gathering. For some added interest, try a blind tasting. This can be easily done by simply bagging the wine and having guests rate the unknown wines.

Greater Toledo (and all those out there in the blogosphere) raise a glass and celebrate Open That Bottle Night. Let's hear your comments and let us know what wines you're drinking.
Photo by Mike DelGaudio
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