Friday, March 19, 2010

Pittsburgh Pick of Reds: Padthaway Parson's Flat Cabernet Shiraz

Our good friends Russ and Eileen live in the Pittsburgh area and accompanied us on a trip to the Finger Lakes two years ago. They both enjoy a glass of good wine and sent this dispatch from PA...

"Eileen and I found a super wine recently and I wanted to pass along the recommendation. It's a red wine -- Padthaway Parson's Flat Cabernet Shiraz from Australia. We tried a 2005 vintage. We found it at a local state store on sale for about $20 but, alas, none to be found when we were out yesterday. I looked it up on line and it lists for about $36, so we got a good deal. If you ever find it, I think you'd like it. I don't know that I'd pay $36 for it but it's an excellent $20 wine. Keep an eye out for it on sale."

This Aussie wine is produced from 6- to 12-year-old vines and is a blend of 70 percent Shiraz and 30 percent Cabernet Sauvignon aged in American oak. It's a full bodied red with dark, delicious espresso and blackberries.

"Two other fun red wines that are great for everyday sipping are both California Reds -- one is Big House Red and the other is Red Truck," says Russ. "They're inexpensive, less than $10 per bottle but they're both quite good and I think you'd like them, too."

"We managed to get in some snowshoeing this winter with all of the many many snowstorms. My snow blower was a true lifesaver."

Time to pack away the trusty snow blower and hit the wine trail! Thanks for the report.
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