Friday, April 2, 2010

Niagara Winery Schedules Red Tail Release April 3

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Featherstone Winery, Vineland, Ontario, will celebrate the release of their Red Tail Merlot with an appearance by the real deal -- a Red Tailed Hawk -- at their winery on Saturday, April 3.
The Featherstone 2008 Red Tail Merlot is named in honour of the local Red-tailed Hawks are seen soaring over the vineyards of Niagara. Falconer and winery owner Louise Engel was inspired by these magnificent birds to create a wine with the same soaring elegance and character.

Carol Ricciuto is a local, licensed wildlife rehabilitator who works extensively with Red-tailed Hawks at the Open Sky Raptor Foundation in Grimsby, Ontario.

From 1:00pm - 3:00pm - the day the Red Tail Merlot is released - she will have a live Red-tailed Hawk with her at the winery. This is a rare opportunity to observe one of these magnificent creatures up close, ask questions and learn about these regal birds of prey.

A portion of the day's sales of the Featherstone Estate 2008 Red Tail Merlot will go to support the Open Sky Raptor Foundation.
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