Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Walnut Crest 2007 Carmenere Rapel Valley

This was a pick-up at Anderson's close-out sale. It is a Chilean wine that was purchased for less than $5. Walnut Crest is a brand of Emiliana, which is pioneering organic and biodynamic grape cultivation in Chile, a philosophy they sum up as the spirit of Emiliana Organico. The wine is blended with a small percentage of Syrah.

The wine is a deep red color and is lush. It's aged in both French oak and stainless steel. It had a taste of smokiness and dark fruit. It opened up nicely and came across as aromatic and rich.

We tasted this on successive nights and the second night it didn't reach the high marks we gave it the first night, seeming a bit too tannic. In terms of QPR (quality price ratio), this is highly rated but not a truly great wine.

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