Friday, July 30, 2010

4 Essential Items to Know Before Building Your Wine Room

Are you fascinated in the idea of having your very own customized wine cellar? As you have started down the path to collecting wine and bringing it back home, where are you storing it? Hopefully it’s not hidden away in your pantry, or tucked away in the closet. You need a place to show off all those carefully collected wine bottles! Your collection has turned into a piece of art that you want to show off and share with friends and family.

If you are thinking about building out a wine room, there are important things you should consider. With the amount of wine bottles you have collected in the past years of learning about wine, you may be running out of room or even just want more of a showcase look to entertain with.

With a customized cellar you know that you can add some personal touches and you can cater it to your particular specifications for keeping and storing your wine collection. There are actually a wide variety of options readily available to people who aspire to construct their very own customized wine cellar. Fortunately for them, these wine rooms or cellar styles and designs are for anyone interested - from the complete amateur to the enthusiastic do-it-yourself wine cellar maker, and to those who have state-of-the-art woodworking experts to work for their wine cellars.

Now, if you are looking to create a wine cellar that is custom-designed to your needs but you don't intend to build a wine racking system from scratch, then here is the basic remedy that will certainly enable you to create your unique custom-made wine rack style or design.

The modular wine racking arrangement is usually in the market in various grains and coatings. In general, the least costly are those made from pine wood. Traders of modular wine racking systems most likely will propose other materials of construction like premium Redwood, Malaysian Mahogany, or red cedar. After the style of wood is selected, you can have different lacquers and stains applied to really be unique.

With modular wine racks available today, it’s easy to buy different wine rack kits to create a customized cellar that fits into the available space in your home. The best part of opting for modular wine racks is the fact that it can be easily combined and complemented with several varieties of other cellar racking styles. This will satisfy particular requirements or generate a distinctive personal style.

After selecting the specific wine racks, the choices of crown molding and skirting items are offered so you can simply blend together various designs of wine racking components and kinds.

Several wine cellar rack manufacturers currently have particular pieces that can aid you further in modifying your modular racking scheme.

Recent designs include a built-in glass racking system which is tailored to suit conveniently in any racking system. This feature adds to the character or ambiance as well as efficiency of the custom-made modular wine holders.

The most cost-effective kind of component cellaring is the dozen-bin racking system. This type of racking in modular mode can accommodate a dozen of wine bottles in one compartment. This can be specifically suitable for wine fanatics who buy their favorite wines by bulk.

Case racking on the other hand, have two types - standing wine case and short wooden case. Case racking is quite an appealing and an efficient way of storing wine bottles in their original packaging.

If you are building out a complete wine cellar room, the most visually important aspect of the area is the door. Wine cellar doors are also deemed notable part of the style as well as constructing procedure. Knowing the layout of your room and how you want your door installed is the first step. The second step is deciding upon the style of door to complement your room. With different varieties of wood, glass, and wrought iron, the possibilities are endless.

Today we have a guest author, Kristi Davis. Kristi loves working at Grotto Custom Wine Cellars and helping wine lovers figure out the best way to store their wine. She has two kids, a loving husband, and some beautiful wine racks filled with wine.

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