Friday, August 20, 2010

Atwater Vineyard Estate 2007 Vidal Blanc

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We were looking for a crisp, refreshing white wine as we were unwinding on a summer's evening. We hit just the right note with a favorite from the Finger Lakes: Atwater Vineyard Estate 2007 Vidal Blanc. Atwater is on Seneca Lake and is one of the closest wineries to Seneca Springs, the bed and breakfast we've stayed at the last two years. Atwater has a sensational deck high above the lake with a gorgeous view. Of course, the wine is spectacular as well.

Vidal Blanc is a French-American hybrid grape that is popular in the Finger Lakes as well as Ohio. The grape is hearty and thrives in cool climates. It is a favorite for ice wines but also makes crisp and juicy wines with a touch of sweetness. It tastes like a cousin of Riesling but hasn't been given the appreciation of the more well-known white grape varieties.

We first tried a glass of red wine (to remain anonymous) that we had opened a couple nights before. After the first taste we knew that it had gone south. We need something with some zing to purge the tired red wine from our taste buds.

The Vidal delivered a mouthwatering taste of apples and pear. It is an interesting, full bodied wine that paired well with a selection of cheeses.

This wine is a great choice for "chill-laxing" on these hot summer nights.

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