Monday, August 23, 2010

Drink Me Tags Add A "Bow Tie" To Your Wine Gifts

Bookmark and Share   We recently received a couple samples of  Drink Me Tags for use in giving wine as gifts. They are colorful tags with nice graphics and clever sayings. They are held to a nice quality ribbon with a bright brass pin.

You may ask yourself, "Can't I just crank these puppies out on my laser printer and save the expense?" Yes, you could -- unfortunately, it will also look like you did,  prompting the gift recipient to ask if you are really too cheap to buy a card or a gift bag. These cost $2.25 a piece, which seems a bit pricey to us -- but if you are giving a nice bottle of wine you may want to consider something different. These tags have a nice visual appeal and could fill the bill.

I now have two bottles sitting on my table sporting "Just Add Corkscrew" and "Put a Cork In It" labels. They're looking proud!

Drink Me Tags were founded by mother-daughter team, Val and Sara Rossi, to enhance the experience of wine giving by accessorizing the bottle in a unique way.
Sara says gifting options for wine have always been slim but these wine bottle gift cards are "easy, classy, and turn your bottle of wine into a gift with that little something extra."

Drink Me Tags come in a variety of designs and are available online for $2.25 a card. You can also buy customized cards in minimum quantities of 25. You can check out the available designs at
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