Monday, August 2, 2010

Santa Ema Reserve Merlot 2007 Maipo Valley, Chile

 Santa Ema is one of the top 10 Chilean wine producers and exports wine to 30 countries – the number one customer being the U.S. We recently sampled a bottle of the 2007 Reserve Merlot Maipo Valley while conducting some business around the kitchen table.

During my recent trip to Washington State, my eyes were opened to a heartier, more complex style of Merlot. We don’t need to revisit Sideways to know that a lot of Merlot is fruit forward, mellow and (some would say) often for the more timid souls.

This reserve Merlot was a treat. It is aged in oak barrels for eight months, imparting a nice, but not overpowering, oaky characteristic. This wine is a deep violet-ruby red. The color is just outstanding.

Flavor notes of blackberries and currents come forward and it also has touches of vanilla.

This is a soft, drinkable wine with some nice sophistication.

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