Saturday, September 11, 2010

Niagara Peninsula Ontario Winery Visit: Organized Crime

Bookmark and Share  Our Niagara wine tasting adventure gave us the opportunity to visit so many clusters of wineries - all different, but all very enjoyable. A favorite experience was the Organized Crime Winery, a small boutique winery on the Niagara Peninsula. Small but elegant, its walls told a story that the hospitable winegrowers, Jan & Krystyna Tarasewich were happy to share.

The story is actually told through the wines, with a different scene depicted on each varietal's bottle. The mystique piqued our interest, and the wines backed up their illustrious story-telling past.

When Krystyna said the Download would wow us, she was not exaggerating. We walked out with 2 bottles, that is after we got through the line of customers purchasing multiple bottles - this little place does a brisk business and has a wide reputation. The Download is a 4 grape blend that packs a serious punch as bursts of deep rich berries explode on the palate. This is a wine to savor! We were thrilled with this great find, and happily added it to the box - and it was only day 1!

More to come as the TWAV Niagara Adventure continues!
-- GT

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