Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Help with Thanksgiving Wine Selection: Wine Version of “Turkey Hotline” Now on Facebook

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Looking for just the right wine to pair with this year’s Thanksgiving turkey? Need an expert to recommend a red wine to complement the standing rib roast this Christmas Eve? Is there a drink that can stand up to Bubby’s latkes? Want a great bottle of bubbly to pop open on New Year’s Eve? The wine experts at Loews Hotels will be ready to take care of all these questions and more, with Loews Hotels’ Wine Line now through January 1, 2011.

Before the holidays send you over the brink, put down the corkscrew, take a deep breath and visit Loews Hotels on Facebook at www.facebook.com/LoewsHotels (“Wine Line” tab). Post a question on the wall and have it answered by an expert. Knowledgeable, warm and unpretentious certified sommeliers will help guide cooks at home through their wine pairing or wine gift giving dilemmas, no matter their budget.
Four of Loews 15 certified sommeliers will serve on the Wine Line panel. Loews Hotels promises to respond to all questions within 24-hours, if not sooner.

“For years, loyal guests from across the country have been contacting our hotels during the holiday season, asking questions of our chefs and sommeliers,” said Jonathan Tisch, CEO of Loews Hotels. “We have always answered those questions with great detail and expert advice, so the Loews Hotels Wine Line is our way of sharing the vast wine and food knowledge among our sommeliers and chefs with everyone. We are delighted to take some of the stress out of the holiday season whether you’re planning a special meal or looking to give a gift of wine.”

What lessons can be learned from the Loews Hotels Wine Line? Time will no doubt reveal stories and questions as entertaining as those posed to the Turkey Hotline over the years, but for now, consider these tips: While everyone knows that white wines go well with turkey, you may also want to consider a pinot noir, which has a bit fuller flavor than white wines. Because it has very few tannins, it will not overwhelm the meal. Also, keep in mind that salty or smoked foods are best served with sweet white wines such as a Riesling or Gewürztraminer.

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