Friday, November 5, 2010

Is Counter Space a Necessity in Wine Cellars?

Do you really need a counter space in your wine cellar? What important construction tips will you need to know?

If you have a wine room in your home, are you simply storing wine or are you entertaining? Building a counter space or wine tasting table in your wine room means additional expense. But as you will see later, wine counters are actually a worthy investment to have as additional features in wine cellars and wine rooms for you to enjoy entertaining your guests or tasting wines.

Wine bars definitely complete the entertainment package that wine cellars and rooms bring. If strategically placed inside the cellar or wine room, it can serve as an attractive free-standing fixture on its own. You and your friends can conveniently taste wines and take sips on the bar counters while enjoying the ambiance inside your wine room.

If you are still considering putting in a wine counter in your wine room, you should consider these important matters:
As a general rule, the height of the bar must be 42 inches. This is the standard for bar counters. It is important to follow this height specification so that you won’t find it hard to choose bar chairs to match it unless you plan to customize everything in your cellar.

An extension behind your counter for working or mixing drinks is a convenient addition. If your budget allows it, you can have this portion built. Here, you can choose to lower the height of the working counter to your most convenient height preferred. Most likely, you can take your kitchen countertop as a reference.

The construction material of the bar counter should be according to your perceived use of the bar. There are a variety of materials you can choose from like marble, granite, ceramics, and wood. The best material to have is one that adds aesthetic beauty to the countertop while handling harsh treatment like wine stains, water drops and fingerprints, and scratches.

If you can keep all these considerations then it is really worthy to have counter spaces inside the wine cellars. You can place countertop wine coolers on your mini bar so you can pre-chill the wines that you intend to serve or consume for the night or for the week. Small wine racks are also a good idea to have on top of the counters. Tops are also great places to store chocolates, cheeses, snacks, finger foods, and other wine accouterments.

Having a mini wine counter inside the wine rooms, most especially in custom wine cellars, is definitely a must-have. What’s more, you get to save money and space for constructing another place to enjoy drinking your wine collection because you already have one in your very own wine cellar.

Author: Kristi Davis is a writer for Wine Cellar Innovations, a company that manufactures wine racks and wine cellars. Her favorite part is exploring the photo galleries of beautiful installations that come through on a daily basis. Follow her for more wine storage tips on Twitter and Facebook.

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