Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tanzanian Paintings on Exhibit At Vino 100 During November

The Arts Council Lake Erie West is sponsoring an exhibition of four Tanzanian, East African painters at Vino100, 3355 Briarfield Blvd, Maumee, during the month of November.  The exhibition is open free to the public during business hours:  Monday through Wednesday,  Noon-10:00 PM; Thursday through Saturday Noon-Midnight.

The painters, two young women, and two young men, were selected for their high quality, professionalism, and four distinct styles of painting.  The artists are all active in promoting the arts in Tanzania as a personal expression and as a means of economic development for Tanzania.

Pendael Naftal Mollel is from the Maasai tribe in Arusha. His paintings of area wild animal scenes and portraits are highly realistic and directly from life or from actual photos he has taken in the field.

Kaiza Khamis Mohammed is a leader in the Zanzibar Women Artists’ Network and has assisted with the copywriting of the ‘henna’ painting style taken from the traditional body adornment techniques.

Seif Soud is from Zanzibar where he is one of the founders and leaders of the Zanzibar Young Artists’ Association.   Seif is a master in oils with the palette knife and brush strokes.  He paints local historic Zanzibar scenery and portraits of Zanzibar residents.  The paintings in this exhibit relate to the early relationships with the United States. 

Tatu Ally Hussein is also a leader in the Zanzibar Women Artists’ Network and paints in the traditional Tanzanian style of tinga-tinga. Tinga-tinga is characterized by a naïve and surrealistic style using brilliant and highly saturated colorful bicycle paints.  Her paintings reflect the local flora and fauna of Tanzania and are very popular with tourists because of the unique style.

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