Saturday, December 11, 2010

Canadians Want To Know: Why Do People Write and Read Wine Blogs?

Three professors at Carleton University in Ottawa are studying why people write and read wine blogs. They’d like your ideas to help with their research project.

According to Associate Professor David Cray at the Sprott School of Business, “We are three professors at Carleton University who have spoken to bloggers at wine blogging conferences in the US and Europe to find out how they view their work and their audiences. Using this information we have now put together a survey which examines why people create and read blogs, what they look for in wine blogs and what kinds of wine blogs appeal to them.”

The survey takes about 15 minutes.  To encourage participation the name of everyone who completes the survey will go into a drawing with the winner receiving a $500 gift certificate at the wine store of their choice.  Those who complete the survey before December 15 will go into an additional draw for a $100 gift certificate.  The questionnaire is at

I’ve reviewed the survey, gone to the university’s website and the researchers’ blog. It is all legitimate. The survey is very easy (and interesting) to complete. You can follow the progress of their study at their blog which is where the results will be posted when the study is completed.

By the way, I have a couple of bottles set aside for a “research project” this weekend!

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