Monday, January 31, 2011

Upset Boyfriend Relieves Himself in Girlfriend's Wine Bottle: The Glass is Half Full, But What's In It?

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Bookmark and Share There has been talk about the lack of civility in today's society. There's a lot of rudeness, foul language, and jerky behavior going on these days -- my wife would say that's usually when she's in the car while I'm driving. But now things have gone much too far and a perfectly good bottle of wine has been ruined in the process.

According to a news article in the Grand Rapids (MI) Press last Thursday, a Michigan home builder released his emotions, and then some, when he broke into his girlfriend’s apartment and urinated in various containers in her refrigerator.

The wine-hating culprit is Richard Ted Bloem of Jenison, Mich. He was charged with second-degree home invasion and placing harmful objects in food.

Bloem urinated in a pitcher of Crystal Light, a carton of half-and-half creamer, and a bottle of wine in his girlfriend’s refrigerator.

The woman drank some of the Crystal Light and found it more "flavorful" than usual. She also experienced queasiness upon drinking a cup of coffee with the creamer in it. She noticed her wine bottle was fuller than it had previously been and suspected poisoning.

Bloem pleaded no contest to the break-in. According to the newspaper, his lawyer planned to have him testify that drinking urine is not harmful and even endorsed in some cultures. Bloem still faces a felony prison sentence of up to 15 years if convicted.

There was no report on what type of wine was involved or if tasting notes termed it oaky or having too much tannin.
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