Monday, February 21, 2011

2008 Eagle’s Rock Piedra del Aguila Malbec, Mendoza

Eagle’s Rock Malbec is produced by Finca La Celia, an Argentinean winery located at the base of the Andes Mountains. Construction of the winery began in 1890 and the winery, first in the Uco Valley, flourished. The winery was bought by an international company in 1999 with an eye towards marketing wines from the Uco Valley to the outside world. Eighty percent of Finca La Celia wines are exported to 55 countries around the globe.

Green Dragon picked up a bottle of Eagle’s Rock on special at Meijer for $8, which was quite a deal. The wine usually ranges anywhere from $10 to $14.

When we had dinner at the Chop House in Maumee with tasting team members Glorious T and Ace of Bass, we ran into Eagle’s Rock again. As we waited for a table we enjoyed a glass of wine at the bar. The wine list featured Eagle’s Rock Malbec as one of the bottle selections at, of course, a much steeper price than what you could pick it up for locally.

After enjoying a nice meal we headed back to the house and decanted the bottle of Eagle’s Rock. This is a medium-bodied Malbec with all the hallmarks of the varietal: smoothness, a bit of spice, and big juicy fruit. The wine also had a touch of earthiness that distinguishes it from some of the other value-level Malbecs. I also got a bit of green grass flavor.

This is not the most rockin’ Malbec, but it isn't a bad choice either. It is undoubtedly great value, but to be knocked out you should pay just a few dollars more and get a reserve Malbec. Since this is a new wine on the market, you can expect good pricing for the time being – but the price could go up once it finds a home on the shelves of area stores.
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