Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ca’ Momi 2008 Bianco di California

This is a casual sipper from Ca’ Momi, a Napa winery with a heritage in Northern Italy. Sauvignon Blanc, Gewürztraminer, and Chardonnay are blended to create this popular white table wine.

We picked this up as something different to try during a close-out at Andersons. For $6.99 you can’t expect a dazzling wine experience – but even so, this wine was disappointing.

It has an inviting pineapple scent and a light body. The taste, though, is harsh with sharp edges that just don’t smooth out. It’s as if the bad qualities of each grape were accentuated and had a free-for-all in the bottle.

The winery offers two tiers of wine, the top being their Passion Wines that retail between $16 and $20. The House Wines, in which category the Bianco resides, sell for about $11 each. The 2009 Bianco, we notice from their website, is sourced from Napa Valley and so the fruit may be of tastier quality.

Ca’ Momi does get credit for innovation and sustainability. Most of their bottles, including this one, are enclosed with "Nova Twist." Nova Twist is a recyclable plastic material, has no sharp edges and is easily removed. They are the first winery in the US to use this closure.

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