Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dry Creek Vineyard Releases 2010 Fumé Blanc with QR Code Technology

Bookmark and Share  Dry Creek Vineyard has released of their flagship wine, 2010 Fumé Blanc, in a newly
designed package and incorporating QR code technology on the back label for the first time.

Using a smart phone, consumers can download a QR code reader from their app store. Scanning the image immediately takes a prospective buyer to a link featuring a two-minute video of the winery family discussing the new vintage. “QR codes allow us to engage our customers in a more intimate, personal way,” comments second-generation owner, Kim Stare Wallace. “Imagine standing in your grocery isle and being transported to the vineyard where you hear directly from Dave Stare, the pioneer of Fumé Blanc in Sonoma County. That’s a very connective experience.”

The QR code is not the only change for the 2010 Fumé Blanc. The wine is now offered in a clear glass bottle that the winery says presents a fresh, appealing look that connects to the wine’s immediate drinkability. Dry Creek is well known for their Sauvignon Blanc in the Loire Valley style. It is finished in steel tanks and has refreshing citrus characters and steely minerality.
Here's a use of new technology that will really benefit wine lovers.

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