Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sipping On Acai Berry: Wine Guy Takes A Cocktail Break

Tasting Team member Josh Kessler was invited to Ruby Tuesday, 2915 Glendale, Toledo, to sample their new line of cocktails. He filed this report:

Casey and I were invited to taste a new line of cocktails at Ruby Tuesday that included the new liquor, VeeV, the world's first spirit derived from the Amazon Acai berry (pronounced ah-SIGH-ee).  Acai is considered the world's superfruit and contains loads of heart-healthy anthocyanins and more antioxidants than both pomegranates and blueberries.

Let me first give a little background on VeeV.  This is a company dedicated to renewable energy, conservation, and preservation of the rain forests.  Other than the Acai berry, which is only found in Brazil, all ingredients are found locally and within 500 feet of the distiller.  The VeeV bottle is made from partially recycled glass and is printed with soy ink.  One dollar of every bottle sold goes to rainforest preservation.  VeeV is the only certified carbon neutral spirits company in the world.

Upon arrival to Ruby Tuesday Friday night, me being a wine guy, I immediately noticed a better-than-average wine selection on the wall.  Director Mike Hemmig happily greeted us and was very informative of both the VeeV product as well as the positive direction and vision the company is taking as a whole.  We tried two VeeV cocktails, starting with the
  Acai Mojito.

This was an interesting blend of flavors, including mint, fresh lime, agave nectar, and pomegranate.  Acai is something that tastes "different" as first, but grows on you until you love it!  It's great, and I would recommend trying it.

Next is the Superfruit Cooler that really took me by surprise.  Cucumbers in a fruit drink?  I don't even like cucumbers...but I sure loved this!  The Superfruit Cooler contains VeeV, of course, Absolut Berri Acai vodka, elderflower liqueur, fresh cucumber, and agave nectar.  You get all kinds of fruit flavor in a glass, accented by the cucumbers.  Casey and I voted this the best of the two, by far.  This is a favorite of the staff as well.

It was a great time talking with Mike.  When I mentioned the wine selection, he stated that it is all part of the commitment the company is taking to become the restaurant of choice when it comes to a quality selection
of food and drinks.  Ruby Tuesday is one of the very few restaurants currently serving the VeeV spirit, so why not support two great companies, Ruby Tuesday and VeeV, and support a great cause as well?!
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