Friday, July 22, 2011

WBC11: Why You Should Drink Local

Panelist encourage drinking local
Report From Wine Bloggers Conference, Charlottesville -- Panelists Lenn Thompson, Remy Charest and Dave McIntyre are covering a subject dear to our hearts: Drinking Local. We believe in local wine. To us, nothing beats sampling a newly discovered wine, talking it over with the winemaker all while looking out from the winery at the grapes that go into the bottle.

"I appreciate knowing who has grown the grapes in the wine I'm drinking," said Thompson. He went on to say that you can find outstanding wine in non-classic places and feel the joy of experiencing a local food sensation.

Remy said it is important to make wine that defines the region's character. Virginia winemakers are focusing on their signature grape of Viognier. It's quite good and I'm looking forward to sampling more tonight at the reception at Monticello.
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