Friday, August 26, 2011

Attems Pinot Grigio 2010, Venezia Giulia IGT, Italia

The 2010 Attems is a Pinot Grigio with full body and expressive terroir – that’s something I don’t recall saying about any Pinot Grigio.

When drinking Pinot Grigio, I expect a lightweight wine with a light fruitiness. This wine, from northeast Italy, turned my impression upside down. This is much more in the style of Pinot Gris than Pinot Grigio. Although they are the same grape, the Pinot Gris is typically more hearty and rustic.

There is some fruit and tang on the nose, but on the palate there is a savory, almost nutty quality. The body is much fuller than the typical Pinot Grigio. In Italy, 2010 was considered a “white wine year.” The fruit imparts a nice balance between acids and sugars and a great mineral quality.

The flavor notes of apple and tropical fruit have a crisp edge to them. Finishing was done for two months in oak barrels, four months in stainless steel and a final month in the bottle.
The wine retails for $19 and is recommended.

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