Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Visit To Copia Urban Winery & Market, St. Louis

Earlier this month while attending a conference in St. Louis, I had the chance for a fun dinner at the Copia Urban Winery & Market. The evening was courtesy of the Myrtle Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau.
So not only did I get to enjoy some vino with new friends, but also got to learn about the many attractions of Myrtle Beach, SC.

Copia is usually closed on Sundays, but they opened up during the our conference for special events like this dinner.
The goal of Copia is to bring the winery experience to downtown St. Louis. The building has exposed brick walls and natural wood beams. Three stainless steel tanks are also prominent in the market area.

The restaurant has a great selection of wine. Unfortunately on this evening, we only had two choices, a Four Vines Zinfandel or Four Vines Chardonnay. Our server was quite pleasant but wasn’t helpful when I asked her to get the manager to open up some different wines for a little variety.

The good news is that Four Vines is a highly regarded California winery. I opted to go red to accompany the beef entre. The Four Vines was rich with a long finish.

The discussion was lively with a party atmosphere. South Carolina must top the list of states for friendliness and hospitality. The photos here are courtesy of Janet Jordan of Meetings, Management, & More in Lexington, SC.
A highlight was the dessert tray. Between the group, all the dessert selections were sampled. I’m usually a crème Brule partisan, but this time I went with a St. Louis favorite, gooey butter cake. It was sensational!

The dinner and wine at Copia were superlative. One final note on Copia. They have a great wine pricing policy. The cost of a bottle of wine in the restaurant is the cost of the wine in their market plus an $8 corkage fee. If only other restaurants were so reasonable in their pricing!

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