Sunday, October 16, 2011

Blog Action Day: Best Food Memory

By Glorious T, TWAV Tasting Team Member
Since 2009, Toledo Wines and Vines has participated in Blog Action Day, which focuses bloggers around the world to blog about one important global topic on the same day.This year, Blog Action Day will be held on October 16, which coincides with World Food Day, so naturally our 2011 theme is food.
We use food to mark times of celebration and sorrow. Lack of access to food causes devastating famines, while too much is causing a generation of new health problems. It can cost the world, or be too cheap for farmers to make a living. Today Glorious T shares her favorite food memory. – Editor
I have a personal philosophy about food – I would rather have a small amount of something wonderful than a large plate of something that’s just pretty good. Therefore, I especially love tapas. It’s fun to gather with a group of people and select from different categories to create a delicious and diverse experience that is shared among friends. When spending our annual vacation at the beach we enjoy a feast of fresh mahi-mahi, grouper, and tuna and then visit a nice restaurant a couple of times during the week.
This past summer we spent an evening in Wilmington NC and based on rave reviews from locals we chose Circa 1922. We shared uniquely presented and highly creative small plates such as wild mushroom strudel and crabmeat cheesecake – both of which I’ve since tried to duplicate. The wine list was fabulous, offering a wide expanse of both unique and familiar choices. Surprisingly, the food appealed to the diverse palates in our group of adults, non-meat eaters, finicky college students, and an Irishman. Everyone was raving about their choices, although there was some apprehension upon ordering. A bonus when ordering tapas – you generally have room for dessert.
The college students chose to leave and headed for the local ice cream parlor. They missed out because the rest of us opted to share both the Colossal Crème Brule and the Bananas Foster with Myers’ Dark Rum Sauce. Wow! No small plates for dessert, both were served in baking dishes normally used to serve a family dinner! There aren’t enough adjectives to describe these divine treats. It was a fabulous ending to an incredibly fun and refreshing vacation with family. Food brings us together, and provides beautiful lasting memories.
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