Saturday, December 31, 2011

Five New Years Wine Resolutions

It is that time of year again. My morning workout at the Y is going to be jammed with New Years resolution-makers.
But experience tells me that by Valentines Day the normal order of things will be restored as willpower cracks and would-be workout mavens fall by the wayside. There’ll be plenty of elbow space in the locker room.
The following resolutions are not like that. Oh, no, not at all. These are my wine guideposts for the coming year:
1. Dig into more Old World wines. I am much more familiar with the different Finger Lakes than I am with the various appellations in Spain, for example. Although I enjoy wines from Europe, a larger percentage of my wine comes from the New World. Time to rebalance the scales.
2. Explore more California wineries. This one is on my list for next month when I plan to visit Temecula and Santa Barbara wineries. I enjoy the Other 46, but there are plenty of funky, indie wineries in Cali that need checking out.
3. Focus on quality, not quantity. For my own (somewhat small) cellar, I want to purchase fewer bottles of greater quality. I’m a loyal fan of the Quality Price Ratio, but I’m thinking I may want a nice $40 bottle versus two $20.
4. Write better, brighter and brilliantly. Since this is my sideline, my posts will need to continue to be short. But I want to challenge myself to pack more into my posts by writing better and conveying the experience of wine with more creativity and elegance.
5. Learn the inside story of Oregon wine. I’ll be attending the North American Wine Bloggers Conference in Portland this summer and I want to learn the wineries, regions and wines of this fantastic area. I’d like to start beforehand, so the trip there will be more illuminating.
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