Friday, December 9, 2011

Three Tips to Finding the Perfect Wine

Seeking the perfect wine? Try these tips from the American Sommelier Association.
A great wine can make the perfect addition to a festive party or a quiet dinner at home. However, with so many varietals and vintages available, walking into a store to purchase wine can be overwhelming. American Sommelier has a few simple tips to guide you to the perfect bottle of wine every time.

· Know What You Like: Be conscious of the qualities that you enjoy in a red or white wine and relay those specifics when speaking with the wine shop staff by adding words such as: dry, fruity, crisp, bold, full bodied, soft, tannic and oaky. Noting that you prefer a juicy wine made with dark red fruits that are jammy can lead the expert to the “new world” portion of the store’s list.

· From a Discussion to the Perfect Wine: Provide advisors with as many indicators as you are able to allow them to guide you through the wine list. This could range from the type of event you are buying for to the different wines you have enjoyed or disliked in the past. The more concrete information you can provide, the better the staff will be able to pinpoint your perfect wine.

· Price Doesn’t Equal Quality: Exceptional wines come at all prices. Know and stick to the price point you are comfortable with and be firm. The staff member at the wine store will be able to guide you to the ideal wine no matter your budget.

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Tina said...

Yeah, I think the biggest thing we have to overcome as consumers is the fear of looking uneducated. The wine shop we love always treats us like Robert Parker, they don't talk down, and we can ask tons of questions. Asking questions is key to getting a wine you will love. Also, how do you learn what you like? At restaurants, if you love the wine you've selected, ask the waiter to describe it to you. Then, you share that description with the wine seller. Voila! You pick a bottle you simply love!

Dave Nershi, CSW said...

Excellent suggestions, Tina. Cheers!