Saturday, January 7, 2012

Chocolate is for Lovers Wine Trail Event Set For February

Celebrate Valentine's Day with wineries of the Vines and Wines Trail (Northeast Ohio) during the special Chocolate is for Lovers wine trail event. This is a self driving tour. You have two weekends (Friday and Saturday, noon to 6:00 p.m.) to visit each of the participating wineries on the trail. Dates are February 3, 4 and 10 and 11.

At a designated winery, you will pick up a candy dish and a Schott Zwiesel crystal wine glass. As you travel the trail, you will receive one or two samples of wine and a chocolate candy to fill your candy dish.

The cost is $50 per couple and $40 per single. Tickets are good for all four days. For additional details, go to the Ohio Wines Web site or call (800) 227-6972.

Tickets are limited and going fast, so hurry. So to be sure you aren't left out, get your tickets as soon as possible.

Participating wineries:
- Bene Vino Urban Winery, Perry
- Biscotti's Family Winery, Conneaut
- Buccia Vineyards, Conneaut
- Debonne Vineyards, Madison
- Emerine Estates, Jefferson
- Ferrante Winery & Ristorante, Geneva
- Grand River Cellars, Madison
- Maple Ridge Vineyards, Madison
- Old Firehouse Winery, Geneva-on-the-Lake
- Old Mill Winery, Geneva
- The Winery at Spring Hill, Geneva
- Virant Family Winery, Geneva

Photo by Mayra Chiachia
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Chocolate Wine said...

great. this looks amazing. I just had my first Chocovine this past weekend. I liked it a lot, and so did about 4 of 5 others at the dinner. It had more of a alcohol bite than I expected, but not to an unpleasant level. Our bottle was 14% alcohol. You could just tell it had a bit of a kick.