Monday, April 23, 2012

Antigal 2008 Malbec Uno, Mendoza

Wine Review by Glorious T
In celebration of World Malbec Day, we went to Cellar Tracker to make our pick. We're in luck, on hand is a 2008 Antigal Malbec Uno. I remember being attracted to the bottle because of the large copper "1" on the case which held the bottle (the bottle has the same emblem).
Fortunately, the wine lived up to the impressive packaging. It was so fragrant upon opening, big berry scents along with spice and oak. We savored the nose for a bit before taking the first sip. Big soft feel leads to slight tannins and oak, not overpowering.
It's well structured, finishes with a slight bitter coffee finish. At about $15, it's an excellent value that would be nice to bring to a party. Good, smooth feel makes this very drinkable. Cheers!
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