Monday, April 30, 2012

Tukma 2008 Malbec Reserva, Salta

Wine Chick and Glorious T have already weighed in with their review of a Malbec for Malbec World Day (not to be confused with World Malbec Day!). Now its our turn.
I blundered across the fact that Malbec World Day was being celebrated a couple weeks ago and decided that would be a good excuse to uncork a Malbec. This selection is a little offbeat because it comes from the Salta region of Argentina, not Mendoza.
This is deep violet in color with a rich jammy bouquet. Swirling left long legs. It is medium to full body.
I was battling to not lose my tasting mojo because I had a jelly bean just a few minutes before we opened this wine. It was actually Green Dragon’s fault as she had a “decorative” centerpiece filled with jelly beans.
Once I got my palate back on track, I enjoyed the slightly wild taste accented with spice and oak. I enjoyed it more once it opened up in the glass and the pepper settled down to reveal nice red fruit. This is certainly an interesting Malbec. Upon sipping a day later (jelly bean free!), I found this even more tasteful and rippling with fruit.
This was a nice online score at only $10.
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Rating: 3.5 of 5                Value: 3 of 5
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