Saturday, May 19, 2012

La Crema 2010 Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley

It’s no lie to say that the 2010 La Crema 2010 Pinot Noir had us flying high. After a frenzied week-long trip to San Diego for our annual conference, it was time to unwind. Unwind we did during a Royal Caribbean cruise to the Bahamas and Key West.
Joining Green Dragon and me were Ace of Bass and Glorious T and their son. One stereotype about cruising was certainly true – you can gain a pound a day if you aren’t careful. The meals in the dining room give you the option of several different appetizers, entrees and desserts. If fact, the servers encourage you to try more than one of each if you like. There’s also a nice wine list.
On this particular day, Green Dragon and I had gone on our first parasailing adventure during our stop at Coco Cay in the Bahamas. After enjoying snorkeling on the pristine beach, we hopped on a speedboat and bounced along the water.
We were then strapped into a harness and sitting on the back of the boat as the parachute was played out into the brisk breeze. Soon we were going up, up, up – like going up an escalator backwards.
It was a peaceful, exhilarating experience. While the water was choppy below – the ride hanging from a parachute five stories in the air was smooth as could be. 
When we touched down, it was time for dinner and some vino. One challenge for the person selecting wine is pairing just the right one with up to four different entrees. I reckoned that Pinot Noir would be the right move.
This Russian River Valley gem was certainly the right pick. This is a plush wine bursting with concentrated berry flavors. The wine has long black cherry flavor notes entwined with vanilla. It has a nice structure but maintains a graceful smooth texture.
Glorious T commented that Russian River Valley is one of her favorite wine regions. This part of Sonoma County is cloaked in coastal fog which protects the grapes from the sun and allows the fruit to ripen slowly.
La Crema Pinot Noir is as smooth as a parasail floating over crystal Caribbean waters. It is about $40 and is recommended.
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