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Toledo Area Wine Bars Provide Options For Vino Lovers

Occasionally I get a phone call on my cell from a person who thinks I operate a wine bar or conduct wine tastings. Hey, I’m just a wine lover who publishes this blog as a public service and creative outlet. Since I’m a conscientious guy, this is what I tell them.

Your best source of information for wine tastings is right here, at Toledo Wines and Vines. Each week on Wednesday we publish a wine tasting and wine event calendar for the Toledo area. It saves you the hassle of searching for the information from the various sources.

You can click on the “Wine Tastings & Events” button on the gray bar and it will take you to the latest tasting information. This is a free service to help the wine shops and stores that are cool enough to offer wine tastings and also a boost for charitable organizations trying to raise some money through swanky wine events.

We are fortunate to have a couple of great wine bars, and a slew of restaurants with great wine lists. The two wine bars are:
  • Veritas Cork & Craft, 505 Jefferson Ave., Toledo, (419) 214-9463. 
  • Zinful Wine Bar, (419) 878-9463, 218 Louisiana Ave., Perrysburg
If you click on the link, it will take you to our story about the wine bar, which will tell you everything you need to know. My quick take on these wine bars is as follows.

Veritas Cork & Craft is certainly the coolest wine bar in the area and a very happening destination downtown. This wine operation offers eclectic decor, a wide choice of wines, small plates and a great retail shop. It is located across from the Registry Bistro, which is a top flight restaurant. Veritas makes an outstanding stop before or after your downtown activities. This is also the best location to purchase wine in the downtown area. Get the picture? We really like this place.

Zinful has moved to downtown Perrysburg. It offers a great retail selection of wine and regular tastings. There is also a wide selection of craft beers and a space for private events. This is a fun, sophisticated venue that is now in a perfectly convenient location.

Sadly we have a couple of wine bars that are now closed. In case you were wondering, I can confirm they are closed and you can read a brief capsule about their former life.

CLOSED - Tres Belle (Belle Wine & Martini Lounge) has a great location at Levis Commons. You’ll find a nice assortment of wine by the bottle or glass, but also a variety of martinis and cocktails. This is a high-energy night club with a cigar shop next door. It’s a great place to stop in before or after dinner at the many restaurants in Levis.

CLOSED -The Bistro at Maumee Wines is the newest wine bar on the scene and offers a casual bar setting or a nice sit-down restaurant for some very fine cuisine. There is a list of wine by the glass or bottle, but the best deal is to buy a nice bottle from the wine shop, pay a small corkage fee, and then enjoy it with the stellar dinner menu. If you go there for dinner, the cost is comparable to that of a fine dining restaurant. You do have the option of enjoying the bar or sticking to appetizers.

In short, wine lovers have it pretty good here in the Toledo area. We encourage you to support your local wine shops and wine bars.
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