Thursday, August 16, 2012

Indiana’s Easley Winery Scores Sweet Success With Reggae Red Wine

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Reggae Red, a product of the Reggae Wines brand of downtown Indianapolis' Easley Winery, took top honors at the Long Beach Grand Cru International Wine Competition earlier this month. Earning the prestigious title of Sweepstakes Winner, Reggae Red was voted by judges as the favorite among all gold medal-winning sweet red wines.
"One day on vacation in 2005, sitting by the beach in the Florida Keys sipping on cocktails and listening to island jams, a light bulb clicked on in my head," recalls Meredith Easley, co-owner of Easley Winery. "Why shouldn't party people have a party wine? Thus Reggae Wines were born, and who would have thought that seven years later we'd be winning top honors at wine competitions for such an idea."
Reggae Red is a chillable sweet red blend with bold fruit flavors and smooth finish, providing a unique balance of flavor and attitude. Reggae Red stands as the best-selling wine for the Hoosier winery. "The wine community has overlooked a key demographic of taste profile for decades: the sweet wine drinker," notes Mark Easley, co-owner of Easley Winery. "You're now beginning to see a trend emerging with sweet red blends, and we can say confidently that we've been ahead of the curve and we're producing a high-quality, fruit-forward product."
Easley Winery has been family owned and operated in downtown Indianapolis since 1974. Now in its second generation of ownership, Mark & Meredith Easley continue the tradition of high-quality, award-winning wines produced right in the heart of Indiana.
The Long Beach Grand Cru International Wine Competition was held July 20-21, 2012 at the Long Beach Petroleum Club in Long Beach, CA. This annual event was started in 1995 as a means to raise funding and awareness for the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles (LAFLA), an organization offering legal services and education for low-income families struggling to gain self-sufficiency. Today this competition, coupled with a public tasting of winning wines, marks the Long Beach Grand Cru as one of the top international wine competitions in the country.
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