Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Stepping Stone by Cornerstone 2011 North Coast Rocks! White Wine

This California white is a magnificent aromatic blend of a well-known grape and one that usually flies under the radar. California is certainly the recognized king of Chardonnay in the US. Gerwurztraminer, however, is unknown by many wine lovers.
In our household we have a split vote on Gerwurz. I love the spicy, Germanic grape while the Green Dragon has lately made it known that she isn’t digging the floral aspects.
The White Rocks! harnesses the best of both grapes. Chardonnay can be sedate, but the Gerwurztraminer rocks out the aroma with flowing floral and citrus notes. The Chard tempers the Gerwurz with classic pear and melon flavor notes. It’s a delightful balance.
The two grapes do a bit of a tango that keeps the experience racy, clean and satisfying. The Stepping Stone label from Cornerstone Cellars is accessible for every day drinking. Their Rocks! wines are designed to throw off the chains of single varietal wines with blends that inspire fun.
White Rocks! retails for $18 and it is a great sipping wine or one that can easily pair with salads or spicy Oriental dishes.
Full disclosure: This wine was received as a marketing sample.
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