Monday, November 26, 2012

Tartan Hill, Piper’s Oceana White, Michigan

We picked up this non-vintage Riesling blend during a visit to the Tartan Hill Winery in New Era, Michigan. The winery was just a short distance from the Electric Forest music festival we were attending.
The label is beat up because we had iced this wine down for sipping during a cook out, but we turned to beer or something else and this wine never got opened. But the perfect occasion did eventually arise.
We had family in for Thanksgiving and decided we would play a game. Farkel, which is a “craps” type game with six dice, was the game of choice.  As we launched into the “tournament of champions” with a lot of hooting an hollering, we popped open this bottle.
The Piper’s Oceana White is a non-vintage wine that is primarily Riesling with some other unspecified white grapes. It is semi-sweet  with a light body. The sweetness is not overpowering and it was a good pick because we had a couple of wine drinkers who prefer sweeter wines and a couple of wine novices who aren’t yet into dry wines.
This is a soft wine with flavors of apple and citrus. It’s not complex, but was a very popular sipper throughout the evening.
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