Monday, December 17, 2012

Il Borghetto Toscana Rosso

Wine Review by Glorious T
After a particularly challenging day at the office, we felt like a glass of wine was just what the doctor ordered. We went across the street to the small, locally owned Calvino's.

It's a friendly place, and as usual, Fred was buzzing about.
The place was hopping and we sat at the bar, which is plain and accessorized by staff and regular customer photos, along with wine corks and crates. It's a comfortable, relaxed place. Since we just wanted one glass, Fred guided us to a daily special.

At just $6 per glass, the Borghetto Toscana Rosso was a delightful choice. We enjoyed the blend, which is predominantly Sangiovese. It drinks like a nice Chianti, and was nice on its own. Nicely floral, spicy bouquet. Light and fruity.

The bottle sells for $9.99, and Calvino's charges a $5 corkage fee. We highly recommend this wine for its high QPR.
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